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Can’t stand to kiss these lips,

Push my thighs away,

They’re all I can offer anymore when 
My heartbeat isn’t enough.

How can you belong to someone new when she’s still carrying your heart for you?

You’ve given me all that’s left for you to give:
Heartbreak; heartbreak; heartbreak.
You’re not the one for me.
He’d know better than to dare lay waste to my heart.

even when flirting with me, you’re talking about someone else. 

Every night you think of me,
And For a few fleeting moments you’re convinced you miss me,
You’re Gasping for a second chance
To leave marks dragged across my skin, and sore lips pressed hard against each other in a battle to be lost To feelings and sworn words.

What are you doing in my life?
Despite all the cuts marked on my aching heart by your well-intentioned words
I still run circles around you,
Waiting for you to grab me and pull me close.
I Should be running away into the pastel colored sunset that I had always ached to watch with you as the sun scrolled down the sky; a sky colored in pixels was the only one you longed to see.

to have you crying by my side in laughter
Would bring more pleasure than your touch
But if you were so inclined,
I would accept
Every dark desire within your soul
And help ease your loneliness
If you would burden me with the abundant joy of your love.

it was an episode.

It took up thirty minutes of my life. 

Yours is a double feature on loop.

I blew smoke into your face hoping to blind you from how little I cared about your frivolous passions,
You were always all talk.
Guess it should have been obvious in the way that you had let “gorgeous” spill out from between your lips only to disappear into another world, forgetting me.
You never took me by the hand to explain what you meant when you said “love,” instead you came by to tell me that you needed to be mine,
and in my loneliness I believed that I could leave whenever I pleased but you held on tight, needing me to fulfill your childish desires. 
When I called you a child you threw a fit, you thought I was ignorant for knowing that with every age there’s a certain struggle. 
You were always looking for a half pitched reason to ditch me for someone more.